SandScape™ - Mesmerizing 3D Moving Sand Art

SandScape takes your mind off the ordinary and you away into a far better place! Enrich your home with an art piece you’ll always enjoy watching!

Find peace in the eternal presence

Ease your mind and calm your soul

Makes a perfect gift

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7 inch
7 inch
12 inch
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Lose Yourself In The  Eternal Presence 

SandScape brings peace and joy within its presence! By moving sand slowly, it will create an interchanging dynamic scene, resembling a landscape far away from your home!  

The view never gets dull, as the sand forms a different picture every time. Just flip the circle to begin the process all over again. In a few hours, a new scene has arisen.
Timeless and tranquil, SandScape can take your mind off the ordinary and take you away into a far better place! Enrich your home with an art piece you’ll always enjoy watching!  

Why SandScape is for you 

Calm your senses - Let time sweep away all your troubles, lose yourself in the magnificent scenes the falling sand creates with each passing moment! 
Endless horizons - When your sculpture is complete, just flip the circle and follow a whole new dynamic landscape being created in front of your eyes! 
Enrich your atmosphere - Come closer to the distant corners of the world while unwinding at home with a timeless piece of excellence! 
SandScape is the ultimate choice - You don’t have to choose how your decor should look. Leave it to SandScape to pick the best view for your surroundings and be amazed every single time.

Product Details
Material is non-toxic
Product Size: 7inch and 12inch
Not suitable for children under 3 years.
How to exactly use the product?
Simply, turn it down horizontally (x-axis) and after that, just watch the sand moving to relax the eyes and soothe your nerves.
Which material is it made of?
The moving sand art is made out of high-quality, lead-free and high-transparency glass so as soon as the water drops, you can fully enjoy the beauty of moving quicksand. The new, strong, and durable plastic frame got it safely in its hands.
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How can or should I use the SandScape? How does it work?
Place it anywhere you like. Afterwards, simply shake the Brandoras SandScape and turn it down horizontally, then watch the sand to relax the eyes and soothe your nerves. Your room and atmosphere has never been so chilled.
Which material is the SandScape made of?
Made out of high-quality, lead-free and high transparency glass, the moving SandScape provides you with an absolutely clear view as soon as the water drops. Through this you will be able to fully enjoy the quicksand's calming movement that “pulls” you into the glass slowly.
Can I hang it on a wall?
Our SandScape currently does not have a wall-mount function, but we are over to develop a wall-mount-set upgrade at the moment. Our existing customers will get one of these sets for free as soon as we publish it.
My Brandoras SandScape fell off and broke, what now?
Don’t worry! We offer a free lifetime warranty on our SandScape. Simply reach out to our customer support and we will take care of your issues!
What is the exact size of the moving SandScape?
7.87*7.08inch / 19.8*17.8cm or 11.02*10.23inch / 27*26cm