Premium Winter Wool Stockings


We know you love wearing thick socks in the winter. But why stop feeling warm at the calf when you can get all the way up to the knee. 

They are not only elegant but are hand knitted with thick wool for maximum warmth!

Keep Your Legs Warm In The Winter

One size. Length: 33.46" Sole: 9.84"

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Light Grey
Dark Grey
Wine Red
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Color: White, Black, Pink, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Red, Wine Red

Socks height:
One size. Length: 33.46" Sole: 9.84"

 Woven acrylic fabric

Package List: One pair 

French elegance inspired by the retro look of the streets of Paris, Soxi are a simple but elegant look you can style in the cold seasons.

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Are they skin friendly? Which material are they made of?
Yes, they are. Due to the fact we only use high-quality knitted wool, your Warming Wool Stockings will be soft, fluffy as well as breathable and, to the last, provide you with the most comfort possible.
Is there one size for any feet size?
Yes, they will fit any or the most human feet (75cm length). Our Warming Wool Stockings are very stretchable as well.
How can I clean or wash them?
We recommend hand washing them. Be careful to use water that is not too hot.