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Immediate and lasting improvement in back pain. Designed for your everyday life.

Get rid of back pain in everyday life

Relieve tension and distortion

30 days of carefree testing

6 - 6.5 (36 - 37)
7 - 8 (38 - 39)
8.5 - 9 (40 - 41)
Light Blue
Light Grey
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How do I determine the right size for me?
First, determine your waist circumference (cm) by guiding a tape measure as tightly and straight around your body as possible at the height of your navel. Make sure that you don't tie the measuring tape too tightly around your stomach! Then select the size that suits your waist size. If you are exactly on the upper limit of the next size, we recommend choosing the larger size.
Is there a limit on how long you should use the product at a time?
Your LumbarHero can be used anytime and anywhere. However, specific exercises and stretching are essential for proper back healing. Note: The LumbarHero should not be worn if you are currently pregnant.
How fast can the LumbarHero heal my pain?
It depends on the cause and severity of your pain. The LumbarHero gives you safe and pain-free walking from day one on.
How comfortable is the product over a longer period of time?
The LumbarHero was created for wearing everyday and all-day long. The ergonomic shape we developed ensures maximum comfort and greater freedom of movement than comparable products. This is made possible by laterally elastic support struts and a fit that is narrow at the front and widens at the bottom.
Is the product easy to put on as well as easy to use?
Yes, you can easily adjust your LumbarHero individually with a Velcro fastener and double compression straps. Simply put it on and go about your usual daily routine.
Can the LumbarHero be worn directly on the skin, or does it have to be worn on clothing?
You can wear it both ways. It is skin-friendly and does not cause any allergic reactions. Wear your LumbarHero as you please.
How does 6-point memory stabilization work?
Consisting of six aluminum support struts, which were installed in the rear inner lining of the LumbarHero, the 6-point stabilization we developed is designed to guarantee your back maximum support and stability. They provide additional relief, an effective posture correction for your back and adapt ideally to your body thanks to their memory function.
What is the double compression technique?
Two additional straps allow you to make individual adjustments on both sides, with which you can find the optimal compression pressure for your back.
What material is the product made of and how do I clean it?
Our LumbarHero is primarily made of high-quality neoprene without latex. The support struts are made of hardened aluminum and are not in direct contact with the skin.

You should only hand wash your LumbarHero in cold water with a mild soap. Then let it dry in the fresh air without direct sunlight. Please note: Do not use hot water and do not machine wash the product.