LuckySun™ - Engraved Sunflower Necklace


With a beautiful message inside, this unique necklace makes a perfect gift for the sunshine in your life!

Sunflowers symbolize happiness, strength, and health. Let them help make your everyday a little brighter.

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Perfect gift with beautiful message

Symbol of happiness, strength, and health

Buy 2 Get OFF
Gold & White Gold
Gold & White Gold
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Which material is the Sunflower-Necklace made of?
It's produced out of alloyed aluminium to guarantee longevity and comfort.
Is the Sunflower-Necklace produced skin-friendly?
Yes, of course! Our Sunflower-Necklace is produced nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free making it skin-friendly and convenient and comfortable to wear for every skin type.
My Brandoras Sunflower-Necklace fell off and broke, what now?
Don’t worry! We offer a free lifetime warranty on our Sunflower-Necklace. Simply reach out to our customer support and we will take care of your issues!
What is the exact size of the Sunflower-Necklace?
The chain itself is 54cm long plus an additional 6cm renewal. The sunflower pendant's diameter is about 3cm.