LuckyHeart™ - Four-Leaf Clover Necklace

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Luck In The Shape Of A Necklace

This necklace is a unique and sparkling piece of jewelry in the shape of a cloverleaf made for everyday wear. It's said the leaves of a clover represent faithhopelove, and luck. Wear this necklace whenever you need a little of that extra luck.


Wear It In Two Ways

Just by pulling the magnets apart, you can change its shape from a clover into four little hearts in seconds. This way, it goes with any outfit and makes you stand out. Plus, giving you that little extra fluke you might just need.


Precious and Sparkling

Two different colors (Gold and Silver, embellished with Zircons) fit any skin type, taste, and outfit. The made-by-hands workmanship ensures hard-wearing materials and longevity.

We care about our environment, which is why our necklace is produced

  • nickel-free,
  • lead-free,
  • and cadmium-free. 

      Our number one priorities:

      • quality assurance,
      • skin-friendliness,
      • convenience, and comfortable wear.

        WARNING: Magnet in use. Not recommended with a pacemaker. 



        Material: Stainless Steel
        Gemstone Type: Zircon 
        Features: Magnet 
        Chain Length: 17.7" / 45cm
        Pendant Length: 0.6" / 1.5cm 


        Makes A Perfect Gift

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        Any Questions?
        We're here to help!
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        +49 152 338 376 84
        Can this necklace's style be switched between the heart and the four leaf-clover?
        Yes! It's completely up to you what style you want to wear. Through magnetic attraction the designs can be changed easily.
        How can I switch the necklace design to either the four-leaf-clover or the heart-shape?
        When the chain is in heart-shape, the pendant has two magnetic points on the outside of the left and the right heart. Simply put the ends of the outer hearts together to connect them to a four-leaf-clover. The magnets will connect and a clover will be formed.
        What material is the chain made of and what kind of stones are mounted?
        The chain itself is made out of stainless steel while it's embellished with AAA+ zircons.
        Will the necklace shine or sparkle in the sun or light?
        The mounted and polished AAA+ zircons will reflect light and sparkle when the sun or some source of light shines on it giving it a beautiful and magnificent look.
        Will the Heart-Leaf-Necklace tarnish or wear out easily after time?
        Due to the fact that we only use high-quality environmentally-friendly materials, longevity is ensured and it won’t tarnish or wear out.
        My Brandoras Heart-Leaf-Necklace fell off and broke, what now?
        Don’t worry! We offer a free lifetime warranty on our Heart-Leaf-Necklace. Simply reach out to our customer support and we will take care of your issues!
        Is the Heart-Leaf-Necklace produced skin-friendly?
        Yes, of course! Our Heart-Leaf-Necklace is produced nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free making it skin-friendly and convenient and comfortable to wear for every skin type.