Cozy Foot Warmer For Home


Imagine putting your feet in this fluffy thing. Perfect for Netflix and chiller's, who want to combat the cold feet syndrom.

This foot warmer keeps your feet warm and cozy, just the way you like it.
Your feet will thank you later.

One Size Fits All Up To Size 11

Available With USB Heating For Extra Warmth

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No USB Heating
With USB Heating
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Color: Grey, Pink

Material: Plush + circuit board

Product size:

Size of electric heater: 8.26*8.26''

Interface type: USB


This unbelievably cozy foot warmer is the best thing to have when you're home during winter and watching a movie and you're just feeling like cuddling into something.

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Is there one size for any feet?
Yes, from small to large feet sizes, our Cozy Foot Warmer fits them all.
How many degrees does it heat up to?
The Cozy Foot Warmer can heat up to 45 degrees Celsius so that you’ll feel a wonderful comfy warmth on your feet.
How can I charge up the battery? Is the power cable included?
You can easily charge it up with the included USB-power cable.
What's the difference between the Cozy Foot Warmer with heat-up-function to the one without?
The Cozy Foot Warmer with heat-up-function can heat up electrically and also has an integrated battery which contains power up to 5 hours of usage. If you choose to go with the non-heat-up version you need to put in a hot water bottle on your own to heat it up.